Crunch Therapy.

Generate newsworthy buzz and headlines for RITZ Toasted Chips at March Madness 2023.

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We were given four days to come up with a March Madness campaign for its 2023 sponsor, RITZ Toasted Chips. Main objectives were to keep the budget tight and let PR do the work.


Managing team members in different time zones, we created a campaign poking fun of the tournament's high-stress, high stakes.

March is history waiting to happen.

We began with the cultural truth that

From the brackets to the Cinderella stories to watching your favorite team, there are some very high highs during March.

But sometimes we forget that with these very high highs also come some very low lows. Lost bets, busted brackets, heartbreaking endings, the works.

And in reality

March is stressful.

*like really stressful.


Fortunately for stressed out fans,


-BioNutritional Research Group, Inc


crunch therapy is needed.

RITZ Toasted Chips can provide fans with something to crunch on.


the idea


Help fans cope with the stressors of March and its Madness with the power of the RITZ Toasted Chips Crunch Line.

Introducing the             Toasted Chips


A hotline for the stressed fans of March Madness to call in and talk to former NCAA tournament legends - the experts on crunching through March.

Just call 1-800-CRUNCHY.

crunch line logo.png

take a listen for yourself

For fans who can't get on the phone with former legends, we have pre-recorded messages from them to help Madness viewers cope.

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 8.38.12 PM.png
00:00 / 00:44

A message from former legend Christian Laettner

the stunt

Crunch Line phone booths placed in locations where March Madness fans will be gathering like college stadiums, bars, and campuses.

limited release crunch therapy box

Every 100th caller to the Crunch Line will receive a limited edition Crunch Therapy Box with items like a Salt & Butter woodwick candle, a RITZ Toasted Chip-shaped stress ball, limited edition Rosemary-flavored RITZ Toasted Chips, and Sour Cream & Onion massage oil (for those really stressful days).



Physical and digital ads will promote the Crunch Line and RITZ Toasted Chips placed in locations that are near popular March Madness fan hubs.




We also wanted to take full advantage of those "crunchtime" moments during the game by having a Jumbotron ad run to remind viewers in the stadium to eat RITZ Toasted Chips, especially when stress is high.

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Digital ads will be posted on Instagram and, taking advantage of basketball fans' love for Twitter, we will be live tweeting stress-preventing Crunch Line tips during the games.

the buzz we anticipate

The goal of this campaign was to generate buzz around RITZ Toasted Chips during the 2023 March Madness season. We created several headlines that replicated what we think the attention would look like during March Madness.

a success powered by these bright, collaborative minds

Jackson Baehr

Strategist & Copywriter

Molly Barnett

Brand Manager

Tori McCarl

Brand Manager

James Glass

Brand Manager &


Zeynep Aydogmus Masunu

Art Director

Shrinidhi Vijay

Art Director